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With over 20 years of experience in the demolition industry, Supreme Demolition are the leaders in commercial, residential, industrial, partial and heritage listed demolitions.
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Whom do you call when you need help with demolition services in Melbourne? Demolition is necessary for so many types of construction, renovation, and property development activities. However, this crucial step is more complex than builders or property developers realise.


At Supreme Demolition, we help you work through that complexity to achieve a safer, better planned, and ultimately more thorough demolition in Melbourne. To request a quote from one of the best demolition companies in Melbourne, Click below.

Why Should You Use Supreme Demolition Services?

As proud demolition contractors in Melbourne, our Supreme Demolition team is standing by to take your call and start work on your project. Before you choose us for the job, though, you might be wondering what makes us a qualified, high-quality demolition company. Here are a few of the top reasons why our customers choose us to help you make your decision.

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Key Questions to Ask Supreme Demolition about Demolition in Melbourne

As you plan your building demolition in Melbourne—and as you start speaking with companies that might be qualified to carry out the project—it’s good to go into those conversations armed with a few key questions about the job. Here are three key queries that we encourage all prospective clients to pose before hiring any demolition companies in Melbourne—whether it’s another company or us. 


At Supreme Demolition, we take pride in our work just as we have done every day for the past two-plus decades. Our demolition company in Melbourne began as a family-owned business and still operates with that structure to this day. While we have grown over time, we still want customers to feel that they are working with a small business when they hire us. Whether the job involves the demolition of a small home or a sizeable multi-million-dollar factory, we treat every customer with the same level of attention and care and strive to be the best demolition company in Melbourne.

Next time you’re seeking demolition contractors in Dandenong, demolition services in Geelong or anywhere else in Melbourne, we hope you will consider us. Contact our team today to learn more about the cheap demolition services we provide or to request a quote for your upcoming demolition project.

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