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When to Choose Partial Demolition in Melbourne and Why

At Supreme Demolition, we are proud to provide a range of demolition services to a variety of different clients, including partial demolition in Melbourne. Whether the job is residential, commercial or industrial in nature, we may be able to carry out a partial demolition of the project and worksite to merit it. However, many of our clients tend to be confused about the benefits of partial demolition. Demolition, in most cases, is thought of as a full-building our all-site endeavour. Why would or should anyone consider partial demolition of a building?

Problems That Partial Demolition of a Building Addresses

The partial demolition of a house, commercial building or industrial building can be the optimal choice in a variety of circumstances. Here are three examples of problems that we can solve through partial demolition.

  • One part of the building is significantly older than the rest: It’s possible that you have renovated your home or building considerably in the past, to the point where there are sections of the building that were constructed 10, 20, even 50 years after the rest of the structure. In these types of buildings, you might eventually find that the older parts of the building are causing all the problems you want to solve, for example, dysfunctional layout, out-of-code wiring, plumbing that is going to require lots of money to fix or replace, etc. In this kind of situation, partial demolition of the building can be by far the most efficient way to repurpose that space.

  • You don’t have enough space: By far the most common purpose for a partial demolition—especially the partial demolition of a house—is as the prelude to a new addition. Taking out an exterior wall, or even several rooms is often necessary to build onto an existing structure in a way that flows and makes sense.

  • Renovations or upgrades are cost-prohibitive: You might find that certain parts of your building are relatively easy to renovate or update, while others would require a lot more legwork. In the latter situation, it might be easier—and perhaps even less expensive—to start from scratch on those sections of the building.

What Sets Supreme Demolition Apart Regarding Partial Demolition in Melbourne

If you need partial demolition services in Melbourne, look no further than Supreme Demolition. Here are a few factors that make us the company to call for this type of service.


  • Our reputation: We have been operating in Melbourne’s demolition industry for more than 20 years. In that time, we have garnered a reputation for handling projects of all sizes and types, from residential to commercial and industrial, all the way to heritage-listed sites.

  • Our attention to detail: The challenge of a part demolition in Melbourne is working around existing structures, buildings and infrastructure to take down the unwanted part of the building. This process is always more complicated than complete demolition. Our team’s experience, combined with their intense attention to detail, enables us to handle even the most difficult partial demolitions with aplomb.

  • Our honesty: We are exceedingly transparent with our clients. If you come to us asking for partial demolition services in Melbourne, we will take the time to visit your site, assess the feasibility of the project and let you know if your plan is possible. If the project is doable, we will give you a price quote on the spot. We want you to have all the information so that you can make the right decision on how to proceed.

About Supreme Demolition

Supreme Demolition was established more than 20 years ago as a family-owned venture. We’ve since grown our business and scaled up towards bigger jobs, but we’ve never lost our small business roots. When you choose us for part demolition in Melbourne, you can expect attentive, detail-oriented and results-driven services. Contact us today to learn more.

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