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Commercial & Industrial Demolition Contractors in Melbourne

Give your Business a Clean Canvas with
Commercial Demolition Melbourne

Businesses and non-profit organisations both need assistance with commercial demolition in Melbourne on occasion. As a corporate entity, university, or government agency accommodates changes to its structure and purpose; the old buildings often fail to serve the exact needs that they did in the past. Additionally, old buildings tend to suffer wear and tear that eventually prompts demolition. When you need to locate commercial demolition contractors Melbourne, consider Supreme Demolition to be your go-to source. To avail of our top-class commercial demolition Melbourne services, click below.

Tips for Planning a Commercial Demolition in Melbourne

Naturally, a commercial demolition is not something you can plan and execute overnight. Before the task even gets started, there are several things that you must ensure are completed:


  • Locate trustworthy commercial demolition contractors. Your biggest projects aren’t things that you’ll want to entrust to the first company that comes along. During your search, you should request to see evidence of the company’s body of work and confirm that they have all the necessary certifications and licenses in good standing so that they can safely and legally handle your demolition.

  • Schedule a free quote and consultation. Professional commercial demolition contractors will give you complete information regarding what the project entails and the expenses that you’re likely to encounter. While it’s true that no one can predict the future, an experienced contractor can give you an accurate assessment of the project and won’t charge you to examine your property.

  • Review the property’s surroundings with the contractor well in advance. You may only want part of the office demolished, or there may be other companies that own adjacent buildings. In either case, you must rely on a contractor that can assess the exact scope of the project and then complete it accurately.

If you have a query about commercial demolition Melbourne or want to book our services, fill up an enquiry form or call us.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Melbourne Commercial Demolition Projects

While those who take the most thorough approach possible will likely prevent these common issues, those who have never commissioned a commercial demolition are likely to run into a few problems:


  • Not using local commercial demolition services. Companies that are based in other states or even internationally may encounter additional costs or restrictions when working in Victoria. Further, they are less likely to have contacts with companies who can safely and ecologically dispose of the waste that results from a demolition.

  • Not confirming whether the property is on the Australia National Heritage List. Newer businesses may not realise that the business-owned property is on the heritage list, especially if the company has changed management or ownership since purchasing the property. Supreme Demolition can review that possibility with you and determine the best approach to your demolition project based on that knowledge.

  • Finding commercial demolition contractors that can take on a project they’re not prepared for adequately. Nearly every demolition contractor starts small, but some projects are too large for the smaller firms. Supreme Demolition has experience with even the most substantial commercial demolition projects, so you’re always in safe hands when you work with us.


Take the time to review your options and choose the ideal commercial demolition Melbourne company that suits your needs. With our help, your commercial demolition project will fall right into place.

Why Trust Supreme Demolition as Your Commercial Demolition Contractors


Supreme Demolition has over 20 years of successful demolitions in the Melbourne and surrounding area. We work with residential, commercial, and industrial clients on projects ranging from part of a house to entire complexes. Our team is precise and can accomplish partial demolitions as well as work around heritage projects while maintaining your government-mandated responsibilities in all respects. 

Contact us for a complimentary quote to get a working outline for your commercial demolition Melbourne project.

Preparing for Industrial Demolition in Melbourne with Experienced Help

Industrial demolition in Melbourne is a complex undertaking that places heavy demands on the teams that embark on such projects. Typically concerning substantial and often hardened buildings, demolishing the existing structures and leaving the site ready for the next phase of its life requires a careful, experienced approach to success. At Supreme Demolition, we are proud to say that our team has enjoyed the opportunity to work on some of the most significant demolition projects throughout the years. With decades of experience in industrial demolition services, our industrial demolition contractors in Melbourne can help to condense your timeline while delivering effective results. For the best and most affordable industrial demolition services, click below.


What You Can Expect from Our Industrial Demolition Services in Melbourne

Understanding our capabilities as one of the most experienced industrial demolition contractors is a good place to begin. When you bring us out to your worksite, you can expect:


  • A free initial quote carries no obligation to proceed to a service contract. We will come out to your site for a personal visit to inspect the premises, discuss your timetable, and go over a rough outline of the job at hand. We'll provide you with detailed information to use in deciding whether to proceed while explaining the process we would use to demolish the structures in question.​

  • A prompt commencement of the industrial demolition Melbourne work as soon as proper approvals and agreements are in place. When we receive the green light, we set to work as quickly as possible or agreed upon; we do not keep our clients waiting. Let us know if you have a tight timetable to work with, and we will plan accordingly to deliver the most effective service possible.​

  • A cleared site ready for use as a blank canvas for another project. Once the project begins, Supreme Demolition, your trusted industrial demolition contractors takes care to haul away all the debris that remains, removing the burden from the client. By the time our crews leave, you'll hardly know there was ever anything there in the first place.

If you have any queries on our policies about industrial demolition Melbourne, call us or email us.

What Sets Us Apart Among Industrial Demolition Contractors?

You don't need to simply take our word when it comes to our abilities; instead, take a moment to investigate what allows Supreme Demolition to stand apart in providing industrial demolition services for many types of clients:

  • Our extensive level of experience. Over two decades of demolition Melbourne work enables us to exhibit a thorough understanding of the costs and challenges inherent in these projects. We use that understanding to avoid any potential pitfalls.

  • Our proficiency with the operation of heavy equipment. Our fully licensed and insured team knows demolition equipment exceptionally well, which allows us to proceed more quickly even on the largest and most challenging industrial sites.​

  • Personalised service from beginning to end. You will always know who to contact for help from our team. We are solutions-focused and are happy to take the time necessary to understand any client's unique needs.

From clear communication to a persistent focus on safety around the job site, we provide our clients with a valuable resource.

Why We Are a Cost-Effective Option for Industrial Demolition in Melbourne?


​At SUPREME DEMOLITION, we never leave a job half-finished — or unfinished in any way. Once we embark on a project with a client, we're committed to seeing it through to the end. With specific buildings demolished or the entire site wholly leveled, we can return the property to you in good condition for whatever your next plans involve. Our experience, modern fleet of equipment, and hard-working staff ensure that your projects stay on time and within budget. For further details on our industrial demolition contractor's services, make contact our team today.

Reason to Hire Contractors for Commercial Demolition in Melbourne

It is entirely natural for people to save money wherever possible, which is specifically applicable when it comes to improving their homes or any construction-related projects. However, suppose you are to compare the expenses regarding renovating your house or building and demolishing it. In that case, this is one place where you should be able to avoid cutting corners and hiring a Melbourne commercial demolition contractor.


Although it might not seem difficult to knock down a building and erect a new one, a lot of work can be involved. Here are a few explanations why hiring commercial demolition contractors in Melbourne may be worthwhile.


Commercial Demolition in Melbourne Requires Expertise

Although you may not perceive it, demolishing any building, home, or even historic structure requires a certain level of expertise. You can't just push them over and hope they land in the proper place. You also need to take into account neighboring properties, as well as the health and safety of your neighbors. Hiring Melbourne commercial demolition will ensure that every component of the structure which needs to be demolished lands exactly where you planned it to (which is a complex mathematical and scientific process).


Demolition Requires the Right Tools and People

A lot of people have the misconception that demolishing an old home is an easy process and can be completed in no time. However, various tools are needed for different types of demolition projects, which may vary depending on the size of the object being destroyed.

Hydraulic excavators are often a demolition team's best buddy for low-level destruction. 


These come with various attachments, including steel shears, impact breakers, rotating grapples, and pulverizers. For more complex projects, commercial demolition contractors in Melbourne use heavy equipment such as high-reach excavators with protruding boom arms.

How to Choose Experts for Industrial Demolition in Melbourne?

Projects on construction sites require meticulous planning, a high degree of competence, and a dedication to seeing them through to completion. Because of this, you must be careful when selecting the industrial demolition services in Melbourne you choose.


Select Industrial Demolition Services with Best Tools

Industrial demolition services employ a wide variety of the most modern equipment and tools for residential and commercial demolitions. They should also have demolition professionals on staff who are qualified to use the necessary tools and machinery.


Compare Quotes to get the Best Price

To prevent misunderstandings, pay close attention to detail while comparing quotations. Make sure you compare quotations for industrial demolition services in Melbourne and keep an eye out for reasonable prices.


Look out for Licensed and Trained Individuals 

Find a company that will simplify the demolition process by understanding your needs. To finish any demolition project safely, pick qualified contractors that are insured, licensed, and have received years of training.


Check their Waste Management Plan

For each type of waste, demolition companies should have a proper waste disposal management plan.


Handle All Hazardous Waste Carefully

A skilled contractor for industrial demolition in Melbourne should be able to handle and get rid of dangerous items in an entirely safe way. When performing demolition work, the business should have personnel skilled in managing hazardous materials.

Demolition projects should only be handled by qualified professionals that are insured and have had years of training. Find a provider that can simplify the industrial demolition in Melbourne process by understanding your demands.

Final Words

Indeed, many people nowadays want to do things by themselves, but they still need to gain the skill to complete the task. Although demolition may seem like an easy thing to do, there are practical skills that you need to have to complete the entire task successfully. Therefore, always remember to hire commercial demolition in Melbourne company before initiating any demolition-related project.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What are demolition services ?
    Demolition, or razing, is the science and engineering in safely and efficiently tearing down buildings and other artificial structures. The old building is demolished to make way for new buildings or other property development. The building is pulled down either manually or mechanically using large hydraulic equipment: elevated work platforms, cranes, excavators or bulldozers.
  • Do I need council approval to demolish my property?
    Yes, you’ll need both the CDC (Complying Development Certificate) and DA (Development Authority) approval before beginning any kind of demolition process on your property. When you work with Supreme Demolition, we are licensed and certified demolition contractors, who can work with the City Council for necessary certificates and approvals. A timeline of 7-14 business days should be considered.
  • Who can perform demolitions?
    Demolition includes a complex procedure and tasks that involve razing structures, clearing the site from debris, environmental remediation, and recovery and recycling of what can be salvaged. There are specific guidelines and regulations that all parties must follow when demolishing a building, or even just part of a building. The Supreme Demolition team is 100 per cent certified, licensed and insured to take on this work. We also know all the laws and regulations by the letter and know how to plan and execute projects without damaging surrounding infrastructure or causing other unforeseen complications.
  • How long will it take to complete the Demolition?
    After all, the relevant permits have been acquired, and approvals are taken, the property is vacated, then demolition takes only a couple of days to dismantle the structure. Unforeseen circumstances and uncontrollable variables like extreme weather conditions may affect the timeline.
  • Will my neighbours be disturbed?
    Many factors need to be considered for home demolitions. Based on the density of the neighbourhood around your home, the closeness of other structures, and the actual location of the property, it is possible that people around might hear machinery during operating business hours. Supreme Demolition addresses this by issuing letters advising about proposed work 14 days before the actual demolition day, and invite any neighbours with concerns to connect with us for re-assurances.
  • What Hours Will Home Demolitions Be Operating?
    Supreme Demolition carries out any demolition work during the general business hours of eight to four. In case, you have a special request to accommodate children, work schedules, or medical conditions we request you to let us know so we could workaround to find a suitable schedule that works for all parties.
  • Can I Have A Look At What Is Going On?
    By law, a demolition site needs to be fenced to avoid danger to the crew and public alike. All demolition worksites are inherently dangerous, and it is mandated to wear personal protective equipment in accordance with regulations while working on a demolition project. If you are interested to have a look you are welcome to do so from the street, while not blocking any access for the crew or public.
  • Is it legal to demolish your own house?
    Before you can demolish your own house, you’ll need to go through a variety of paperwork to get council approvals, permits. After all the paperwork is completed you can hire a licensed and insured demolition contractor to demolish your own house ensuring legal compliance at every stage.
  • How much does it cost to demolish a house in Melbourne?
    The cost of demolishing a house is determined by various intrinsic costs – permits, compliances, certificate of approvals and other costs. On average, it cost about $3 to $11 per square foot to demolish a house in Melbourne. However, the cost is always estimated individually after during thorough site visit and survey to understand the implications of the demolition project. We offer a FREE estimate for any demolition work.

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