Heritage Listed Demolition in Melbourne

How to Approach a Heritage Listed Demolition in Melbourne

Receiving the appropriate permissions to undertake a heritage-listed demolition in Melbourne can feel challenging enough on its own — but the actual process presents many challenges, too. Not only must the contractors you choose take great care during the process, especially if there are other heritage-listed buildings nearby, but they must also be aware of the potential risks involved. Often, the construction of buildings that are today heritage-listed involved the use of materials we would now consider hazardous. At Supreme Demolition, we are ideally equipped to support our partners throughout this most challenging type of demo project.

Tips for Planning to Demolish a Heritage Building in Melbourne

Proper planning is essential for a smooth project that proceeds according to schedule and without surprises. Older buildings typically post unique challenges and ensuring that your project encounters no delays requires engaging in some due diligence. What should you keep in mind when you need to enlist assistance to undertake a heritage demolition project? Some of our most trusted tips include:


  • Always ensure that you have the proper permissions in place. Heritage demolitions can be sensitive projects, especially for a local community, and the laws and regulations in place demand a particular level of due diligence. Before enlisting our assistance, ensure you've done your homework on these parts of the process.

  • Gather as much information about the structure and its composition as you can. Older building materials varied dramatically, and it is best to have some understanding of what hides behind the walls before those walls start to come down. With Supreme Demolition, you do not have to worry about this part of the process – we will assist in researching and inspecting the building to prepare for the presence of once-popular building materials, such as asbestos.

Common Mistakes People Make with the Demolition of Heritage Buildings

Although the need for heritage listed demolition services in Melbourne only arises occasionally, that rarity also means it is easy for individuals and owners to make potentially costly mistakes along the way. Instead of rushing into the process, take a step back and ensure that you are fully aware of the errors you should avoid, including:


  • Assuming there is nothing hazardous on the property. While the Supreme Demolition team takes care to follow the strictest safety standards, heritage buildings can be unpredictable. If you have any reason to suspect, for example, that there is asbestos in the building, communicate that information. We will plan appropriately before removing even a single brick.

  • Trying to rush the process. While we are proud of our ability to meet tight deadlines, the nature of a project such as this demands some level of patience to ensure proper mitigation of risks, disposal of materials, and site preparations. After all, it is better to do it right the first time — and we always see to that.


Working alongside a provider with years of experience, the proper training, and the right equipment can help to make this effort less stressful and more successful.


Over more than 20 years in business, we've had the opportunity to develop a unique skill set that covers a broad range of abilities. Not only are we able to tackle substantial demolition jobs, but we have the delicate touch necessary for the sensitive work involved in undertaking a heritage-listed demolition in Melbourne. With proper planning ahead of time, you can reach your milestones with confidence and ease. Reach out today to set up an opportunity to discuss your requirements.

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