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Businesses and non-profit organisations both need assistance with commercial demolition in Melbourne on occasion. As a corporate entity, university, or government agency accommodates changes to its structure and purpose; the old buildings often fail to serve the exact needs that they did in the past. Additionally, old buildings tend to suffer wear and tear that eventually prompts demolition. When you need to locate commercial demolition contractors in Melbourne, consider Supreme Demolition to be your go-to source. To avail of our top-class commercial demolition Melbourne services, click below.

Tips for Planning a Commercial Demolition in Melbourne

Naturally, a commercial demolition is not something you can plan and execute overnight. Before the task even gets started, there are several things that you must ensure are completed:


  • Locate trustworthy commercial demolition contractors. Your biggest projects aren’t things that you’ll want to entrust to the first company that comes along. During your search, you should request to see evidence of the company’s body of work and confirm that they have all the necessary certifications and licenses in good standing so that they can safely and legally handle your demolition.

  • Schedule a free quote and consultation. Professional commercial demolition contractors will give you complete information regarding what the project entails and the expenses that you’re likely to encounter. While it’s true that no one can predict the future, an experienced contractor can give you an accurate assessment of the project and won’t charge you to examine your property.

  • Review the property’s surroundings with the contractor well in advance. You may only want part of the office demolished, or there may be other companies that own adjacent buildings. In either case, you must rely on a contractor that can assess the exact scope of the project and then complete it accurately.

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Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Melbourne Commercial Demolition Projects

While those who take the most thorough approach possible will likely prevent these common issues, those who have never commissioned a commercial demolition are likely to run into a few problems:


  • Not using local commercial demolition services. Companies that are based in other states or even internationally may encounter additional costs or restrictions when working in Victoria. Further, they are less likely to have contacts with companies who can safely and ecologically dispose of the waste that results from a demolition.

  • Not confirming whether the property is on the Australia National Heritage List. Newer businesses may not realise that the business-owned property is on the heritage list, especially if the company has changed management or ownership since purchasing the property. Supreme Demolition can review that possibility with you and determine the best approach to your demolition project based on that knowledge.

  • Finding commercial demolition contractors that can take on a project they’re not prepared for adequately. Nearly every demolition contractor starts small, but some projects are too large for the smaller firms. Supreme Demolition has experience with even the most substantial commercial demolition projects, so you’re always in safe hands when you work with us.


Take the time to review your options and choose the ideal commercial demolition Melbourne company that suits your needs. With our help, your commercial demolition project will fall right into place.

Why Trust Supreme Demolition as Your Commercial Demolition Contractors


Supreme Demolition has over 20 years of successful demolitions in the Melbourne and surrounding area. We work with residential, commercial, and industrial clients on projects ranging from part of a house to entire complexes. Our team is precise and can accomplish partial demolitions as well as working around heritage projects while maintaining your government-mandated responsibilities in all respects. 


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