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Tackling projects that involve house demolitions in Melbourne is no small matter. Many considerations, ranging from safety to resource management well beyond the standard capabilities of Australian homeowners, and often beyond those of corporate development managers, as well. Supreme Demolition is a company that’s dedicated to providing you with cost-effective house demolition services tailored to any residential setting. To know more about our residential demolition services or to get a house demolition quote, click below.

What You Can Expect from Supreme Demolition Regarding House Demolitions Melbourne

Most people don’t even realise that there are alternatives between residential demolition contractors until they first need to demolish a home. As you review your options, consider these benefits of working with us:

  • We want you to know thoroughly about what your project will entail, both from a cost and time perspective. Therefore, we provide each client with a thorough house demolition quote completely free of charge. We know that when you review the unique skills and job experience that we bring to each project, you’ll be confident enough to move forward with Supreme Demolition.

  • Our team is professional and courteous at all points. From the first time that you contact us through the final project review after completion of all the work, you can count on us to be friendly and polite. We’re adamant about expressing the respect we have for each of our clients at every interaction.

  • Your demolition site will be entirely levelled when we’re finished with it. After our house demolition services, you’ll be ready to build a new structure from scratch or use the land for another purpose.

  • We can handle your biggest jobs, ranging from partial to complete house demolitions in Melbourne. Let us know what your needs are, and we’ll create a work plan that addresses those needs entirely. Nevertheless, we’ll maintain a significant degree of caution and care to ensure that there’s no unplanned damage to utility lines or any other part of your property.

  • Our team is entirely licensed and certified to handle any size residential demolition in Melbourne. When you hire us as your house demolition contractors, you’re hiring a team that has the official backing of government licensing agencies.

Supreme Demolition brings many benefits to the work you need to get done. You can always rely on the licenses and certifications we hold to confirm that we’re the ideal demolition contractors in Melbourne to handle your projects. If you have any questions regarding our policies and protocols for house demolitions Melbourne, you can call us.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding House Demolition in Melbourne

When you’re considering residential demolition in Melbourne, there are several points you should be aware of before you begin the project. Without taking the time to address specific issues upfront, you may encounter significant errors, including:

  • Not arranging for disposal. Any demolition project results in a considerable amount of debris and other waste products. Your standard waste removal services won’t accept most of what results from house demolitions, so you need to rely on contractors that will remove the excess material for you.


  • Selecting house demolitions Melbourne that lack certification. There are stringent standards for contractors to acquire licenses and certification to handle demolition work. Without meeting these requirements, contractors could otherwise expose you to significant risks, both regarding safety and legal responsibility.

  • Not realising that a partial demolition is an option. You should always consult with an engineer or architect before arranging for house demolition services if you intend on building a new structure in the old one’s footprint. In many instances, you’ll need to demolish the entire building. Still, in some cases, you can preserve it in part either for historical curiosity or to save money on rebuilding something that you can maintain on a solid foundation.

  • Not considering heritage listing. There are many properties on the Australian National Heritage List, and it’s possible that your building may be on that list. You need to know how that listing would affect your options before you begin any project. Further, you need a contractor that can work with heritage listings to deliver the results you need within the restrictions and opportunities that such a listing imparts.

With demolition, taking down a building is the easy part, so you should always work with a contractor that will help you prepare for the project in advance. To fill up an enquiry form regarding residential demolition in Melbourne, or to get a House demolition quote, contact us

Why Trust Supreme Demolition Regarding Residential Demolition Services

​When it comes to demolishing a home, you need to have a well-understood justification for trusting the contractors you hire. Supreme Demolition has more than 20 years of experience in the demolition industry, handling significant projects with careful attention. As a family business, we stake our reputations on the quality of work we deliver, so we’ll always provide personalised care to each House demolitions Melbourne project. We’d love the opportunity to help you with your next demolition project, so contact us today to schedule a free house demolition quote and start clearing the ground for your bright future.

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